a banana?

Week 23: Your baby weighs a little over a pound and is about 8 1/2 inches long — the size of a banana.

These weekly updates are silly. From fruits to crustaceans and rodents to bags of coffee beans, they have compared the size of our baby to the the weirdest things. And it’s inconsistent too. Don’t you think a bag of coffee beans is bigger than a banana? (A bag of coffee beans or a box of sugar was last week’s size.)

But anyway, she’s a pound now! I have been feeling her move around everyday. It’s so comforting. It makes me feel warm and happy. Every morning right before the kids come and then in the afternoon and always when I lay down for bed. Just this week Jeff felt her with his hand and his face. (Way to go Sophie! She’s already kicked him in the face!) My favorite time of day is when Jeff and I settle down for bed and he has his hand on my belly while she’s bumping around in there. Before that her kicks were just enough for me to feel from the inside. They are getting so strong now that I actually saw my stomach move this morning.

I just imagine her floating and flipping like an astronaut. When I was little I watched that movie Space Camp and I was fascinated with being weightless. That’s how she lives now…inside of me! She has enough room to bounce all over the place. I love it.

I also went clothes shopping for the first time. My thoughtful and generous friend, Laura, has sent me a ton of maternity clothes to borrow, but I couldn’t resist getting some for myself. I am not quite ready for moo-moo tops, but my regular clothes have been squeezed into for the last time. It was fun going shopping. I even tried on girly dresses. I used to see pregnant women in whispy summer dresses with protruding bellies and think they looked so cute. I always wanted to look like that when I was pregnant. Well, it’s like what happens with my clod-hopper feet. What looks adorable on other people doesn’t quite look the same on me. I felt like a big wrapped present. And it doesn’t help that most of dresses were pink and frilly with bows. Like I was a baby myself. Except for this one dress…And I bought it! (But only after finding it on the sale rack and trying it on twice, then going back a week later and trying it on again.) It’s not exactly me, but it’s kindof cute. I’ll send a picture the first time that I wear it.

My body has suddenly started to transform. I’m not sure what to make of it. My belly is definitely round and getting more so by the day. I’ll spare you the details about my breasts, but they are also morphing. Ah! I kind of like it, but it’s strange to be so out of control of what happens to my body.

I guess that’s all for now…I’ll try not to let so much time pass before the next time I write.

Oh! Good news! I found out that my weeks change on a Thursday instead of a Sunday! So now I can say that I am into my next week 4 days sooner!