I had big plans for this post. I swear I did.

I was driving home from the hospital tonight, thinking about how I feel and how I’d describe it for you all, and (hopefully) Sophie, eventually. There’s a mad swirl of emotions thundering around in here, I tell you.

I’m just too frigging tired to get any of them out coherently.

I’ll tell you this: The last two days have been the most emotional and exhausting of my life. Yet I’m elated. Go figure.

It was a rough delivery. Well, I hate to say that, because it makes it sound like the whole thing was a long ordeal, and for awhile, things went along as smoothly as labor & delivery ever does. I mean, Leah showed up dilated to 8 cm — they sort of thought Sophie was going to pop out at any minute. The kid, of course, had other plans.

Anyway, yeah, it was pretty bumpy there toward the end. Right now, I certainly don’t feel the need for us to have any more kids. Watching Leah go through all that — not to mention all the poking, prodding, and assorted insult-to-injury that came after — is something I’m going to need a lot of time and distance before I risk happening again.

But she’s here, and healthy. And Leah’s doing great. They come home tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Pictures here if you wanna see ‘em. (I guess you must, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!)


That’s me, B.round. It stands for Best Round. Sometimes I’m also Purple Round or Blue Round, depending on what I’m wearing. I love hearing Jeff call me that. While I’m sure I’ll be happy to get back to my normal non-round shape, I know I’ll miss being B.round.

Well, I’m done with work for a while. Remember how I teach at a year round school? It worked out perfectly that my vacation happened to fall right now. I have two and a half weeks until Sophie’s due to arrive and I just know she’s going to cooperate and give me a a week and a half more than that. We’ve been telling her that October 28th would be a nice date. That would be 5 years to the day that Jeff finally gave in and kissed me. And that’s only 8 days late, not out of the question. Then I’ll be able to take off November and December for sure. We’ll see what things look like in January. It’s great because even if I have to go back for a bit in January, February is my next scheduled month off. I’ll be back for good in March. I’m so thankful to be able to have that much time at home getting the hang of being a mom.

In the meantime, we’re trying to get things ready, but most of all we’re just being with each other. We are very well aware of how things will change. Can you believe how quickly the time has passed? We’ll blink and this part of our lives will be a memory. I think dirty bathrooms and cobwebs in the garage can wait.

Oh, we went to a childbirth class this weekend. I won’t go into details, but I’m glad we went. I left feeling a little excited. (Yes, for the birth!) It sounds silly, but I’m kind of pumped up. I’m going to feel so proud of myself and Jeff is going to be the best at keeping me calm. I love his voice. I just know we’ll do a good job.

Sophie’s moving around in here like the knobs of a massage chair. Just slow rolls and hard protrusions. Our midwife said she’s a nice little package. Her head is down and everything looks good. She’s been very kind to me, I don’t feel very uncomfortable at all. I just can’t bend over as quickly or compactly, fit into small spaces, or snuggle myself close enough to Jeff. Little inconveniences, that’s all.

I really love being pregnant.