So Leah has been reading nonstop since we found out she’s pregnant — she’s got a pile of four or five books, all of them different, all packed with information about this little creature we’re brewing.

The reading list for fathers, as you might have guessed already, is somewhat lacking.

All of the books I looked at initially were like expanded editions of the “Tips For Dads!” in Leah’s books, which all basically say, as Leah’s friend Angela puts it, “Don’t be an asshole.” You know, stuff like “Make dinner once in awhile” or “Do the housecleaning” or “Tell her she’s pretty.” Not practical in any way, and borderline offensive to the expectant father who isn’t an idiot.

This is a long way of explaining why I was so happy to find The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year, by Armin Brott — a gift from my kick-ass mother-in-law. Brott has also written a book for dads-to-be. I avoided it because of the experiences I’ve mentioned already, but The New Father is so good, I think I might go out and get the other one.