a chance of showers

The baby shower was Sunday, so thanks to all of you who were able to make it, or who helped pile our tousled heads with this enormous stack of extravagant gifts. It was, in a word, overwhelming. I suck at getting gifts in the first place, and I’m also pretty bad at mingling, so it was actually sort of a stressful day, weird and ungrateful as that sounds.

All this stuff is wonderful. I just feel guilty for getting it. Then again, you guys didn’t give it to me, you gave it to Sophie, so I guess that’s totally unnecessary.

A real highlight of the weekend was my mom flying Leah’s mom out for the shower. I don’t know how I did it, but I kept it a secret from everyone but Felina and Rahul for two weeks. Go me. Leah was, as they say in Texas, gomper-jawed. It was great having her here, not only for the shower, but just to see Leah pregnant and touch her round belly.

A lot of us painted it after the shower — my mom bought Leah a belly-painting kit:

Yes, I’m the one who wrote “I DID THIS.”

We even got to see Dr. and Mr. Gupta for a few minutes — they were in Mendocino for a wedding and came over on their way to the airport. Things were getting a little woolly by that point (last-minute preparations for the shower and all that good stuff), but it was great nonetheless.

The shower itself was hosted by Mrs. Langy at Posh Langy Manor, in their freshly landscaped backyard wonderland. I think more than 30 people showed up. Oman and Sara-no-H even flew up from SoCal!

Like I said…overwhelming.

Anyway, thanks, everybody. We’re almost as dazed by all your good vibes as we are by Sophie’s impending arrival. Pictures of the shower are here if you want to see ‘em. I poached some from Denise…

Non-party life is being taken up increasingly by organization and *gulp* classes. We took the breastfeeding class a couple of weekends ago, which was much more informative than I thought it’d be. I didn’t understand why the nurses thought I should be there (or why they thought it was necessary to threaten me with gun violence), but I’m glad I went. Tonight is pre-natal care, I think, and then we’ve got another one Friday night and all day Saturday. I’m sure I’ll forget almost everything as soon as the classes end, but I guess we should take advantage of our health insurance while it still offers anything at all in the way of personal attention.

Less than one month now until we meet our Screaming Little Person face-to-face. Whoa.

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