I had big plans for this post. I swear I did.

I was driving home from the hospital tonight, thinking about how I feel and how I’d describe it for you all, and (hopefully) Sophie, eventually. There’s a mad swirl of emotions thundering around in here, I tell you.

I’m just too frigging tired to get any of them out coherently.

I’ll tell you this: The last two days have been the most emotional and exhausting of my life. Yet I’m elated. Go figure.

It was a rough delivery. Well, I hate to say that, because it makes it sound like the whole thing was a long ordeal, and for awhile, things went along as smoothly as labor & delivery ever does. I mean, Leah showed up dilated to 8 cm — they sort of thought Sophie was going to pop out at any minute. The kid, of course, had other plans.

Anyway, yeah, it was pretty bumpy there toward the end. Right now, I certainly don’t feel the need for us to have any more kids. Watching Leah go through all that — not to mention all the poking, prodding, and assorted insult-to-injury that came after — is something I’m going to need a lot of time and distance before I risk happening again.

But she’s here, and healthy. And Leah’s doing great. They come home tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Pictures here if you wanna see ‘em. (I guess you must, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!)

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