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So, what happened to the last two months?

It may have seemed as though we abandoned this place, but really, we haven’t–it’s just that, as many of you know, merging “regular life” with “baby life” is…a process.

Okay, so that process only took a few weeks. I’m also bad at remembering to write. But we’re back and better than ever!

Basically, Sophie is great. We have no complaints (not that we’d share them with you if we did, but still). She eats well, sleeps well, and, all things considered, would rather not cry. She smiles all the time — no matter what those stupid books say about babies not smiling until they’re three months old or whatever — and is starting to learn how to use her hands to whack the crap out of whatever she can reach with them. She’s also started trying to sit up, roll over, and scoot wherever her pudgy little feet will take her. In short, my daughter is a Super Genius Baby. Rather than keeping a thick stack of pictures in my wallet to torment strangers with, Leah and I have compiled an enormous (and ever-growing) collection of them here. And yes, that link will update as we add photos. Click on it any time you like. Odds are, new ones will have been added since your last visit. We’re sort of dopey and obsessed.

Now that Leah’s back to school, I’m Mr. Full-Time Stay at Home Mom, which works a lot more smoothly than I’d feared. She’s an amazingly easy baby. We get up, she eats, she plays, she squeals and coos, she sleeps. It sort of rules.

So basically, from here on out, we’re going to be just kind of talking about what it’s like being Sophie’s parents and sharing information about various products we’ve tried — good and bad. Hope that’s cool with all of you. And thanks for sticking around.

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